Insane Speed - Faster Recovery - Better Handling

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Mimik – Thruster Set

More Speed

Less leading edge surface area and better hydro-channeling means you get less resistance when moving through the water. Long story short? You move faster without losing the stability you’d expect.

Sharper Turns

Mimik fins have a greater stall angle which means you slip out less and stay solid, even in extreme maneuvers.

Greater Recovery

Our fins reduce the stalling effect that gives you more control and could turn a lost maneuver into an awesome one. This is due to our fin increasing the predictable flow over the surface of the fin.


Mike Knoell

I first started riding Mimik fins with the middle fin only and the transformation was instantaneous. Faster paddling into waves, more control on bottom turns, beating sections and more stability in the barrel without sacrificing looseness. When I switched to the three fin setup it was mind blowing. Cutbacks and snaps were fluid and in control, speed was unbelievable, making sections that use to be unmakeable, excellent vertical snaps etc. etc. The fins are definitely cutting edge and will improve any ones surfing.

Mike KnoellSurfing Experience: 35+ years - Home Break: River Jetties - Newport Beach
P’fessor Guus

Mimik fins are “Truly Amazing” Thank you !!!! 🙂 ~

P’fessor GuusSurfing Experience: 30+ years ~ Globally